Before The Operation Starts


Before the operation starts, you should let us know explicitly whether or not you have any medical problems and if so what kind of medications you are using. This is very important to proceed before the hair transplantation takes place.

Apart from that, if you are going through any medical problems, please kindly consult to your doctor and get permission about your hair transplant surgery. Health is our first priority.


Once you cleared out the situation with your primary doctor, stop taking any medications that may thin your blood and increase the possibility of bleeding during surgery. We need to let our doctors know if you have any new medical conditions or you have been taking any new medications since your initial consultation with the doctor. This will help the doctor choose the most suitable medications during your hair transplant surgery that will not interact with your existing medications. Like we said before, your health is our first priority.


Avoid Alcohol - Please keep yourself away from alcohol two days before the actual operation starts. Because alcohol poses adverse reaction with the medications you will be taking during the surgery. Therefore, it is very crucial to stop drinking alcohol at least two days before the hair transplant surgery.

Avoid Smoking
 - We know that it is difficult to stop smoking especially if you have addiction. But cigarettes, too, have adverse effect on your health when combined with the medications you take during the operation. Technically speaking, smoking causes blood vessels to constrict and thereby decrease the blood flow to the scalp. In additions to that, you should also keep yourself away from smoking for at least three days after the hair transplant operation.

Hair Care
 - You will not need any special hair preparation before the actual operation takes place. Because your hair on the donor area which is basically the back of your head will be trimmed with a clipper to the length of 1mm on the day of surgery. This short cut will allow our doctors to have the best access as well as easy removal and replacement of the grafts. It is better to trim the entire scalp which makes it easier to harvest and place the grafts.


Dress in Comfort - It is vital to have a comfortable dress on you during the operation day because the operation may take about 5 to 8 hours depending on the number of grafts to be placed on your head. Therefore, you must dress very comfortably. Please avoid any kind of dress that may touch the grafts. For this reason we recommend you to dress a shirt that has no possibility of touching and dislodging of grafts.

Take Shower - You should take shower and wash your hair during the morning before going to hospital. Use your regular shampoo and avoid using gels and materials like that.

Breakfast - Please enjoy your breakfast in your Hotel in the morning of the operation day. However, it is important to note that anything related to coffee should be avoided before the operation since they have adverse effect with the sedations you will have during the hair transplant surgery.

Family and Friends - You can of course take one or two family members or friends with you to the hospital. However, please note that they cannot enter the operation room due to the rules of hospital. They can wait you in the waiting room. But, They can see you for a short time if allowed.