Hair Wash After Hair Transplant 1
Hair Wash After Hair Transplant 2

Hair Wash After Hair Transplant


  • Right after the operation, you will be given by our experts a special shampoo and a hair spray.
  • Our team members will wash your hairs for the first time and show you how to wash your hair by yourself for the next ten fifteen days.
  • On the second day, you are obliged to wash both the transplanted area and the donor area together once a day.
  • By applying the provided shampoo to your head you will make enough foam your head with your fingertips very gently and carefully. Please note that scrubbing and rubbing at this area is strictly forbidden to protect the grafts.
  • In order to rinse and clean the head after foaming, you should place your head over the sink and pour the water very gently over the shampoo foam. Power shower should be avoided. Please also note that room temperature is preferred and the water should not be too cold or too warm.
  • You can dry your hair with a normal towel but when drying your head, you should be careful not to use to much force; as usual be gentle and dry slowly and lightly.
  • After all scabs on your head are removed, you can start washing your hairs as used to be. You are allowed to take normal shower and scrub your hair just like before.
  • A sample video of the hair wash after hair transplantation is completed is placed below the page so that you can also view it visually.