Long Term Hair Care After Operation 1

Long Term Hair Care After Operation

When the hair transplantation surgery is completed, in order to avoid swelling and any other causes your donor area will be wrapped with a bandage and a hairband will be placed on your forehead. It is expected to see some scabs on the recipient area and redness on the donor area. However, there is no need to worry at all! These unwanted spots will disappear within two weeks.

2-4 DAYS
The redness and swelling shall increase and remain up to four days after the hair transplant surgery. The swelling is expected to disappear after the fourth day. In order to reduce the swelling of the forehead, you are supposed to sleep in an upright position. Apart from that, you will be provided with a special shampoo, spray and lotion. These products will be used for the next ten days and you will wash your hair and maintain a healthy process of healing of your head with these products. Washing will help you heal the scabs.

5-10 DAYS
You can start to use your regular shampoo and wash both the recipient and donor area as you washed them before the operation. If scabs do not leave your head until day 5, you are recommended to wash your hair twice a day, morning and afternoon, and let shampoo stay on your head for about ten minutes until all the scabs are gone. Avoid scratching your head and keep yourself away from air conditioners. It is important to note that some transplanted grafts will fall down for about 2-3 months. Within this time period you should not worry because the new lasting
hairs will begin to grow and stay on your head forever!

10-30 DAY
You will start to look normal and your new outlook will begin to take shape. People will gaze at you with amazement.

Keep yourself away from sunburns, it damages the transplanted hair. It is crucial to note that the first five months the patient should not stay under the sunlight more than 5 minutes with bear head. Instead, you must wear a hat. The new hair will gradually start to grow in after three to six months. Please be patient. Some
variation occurs between patients. Some hairs will start to grow faster than others and will continue to grow thicker and thicker as you advance to a year after the hair transplantation.

When you have completed the first year of the hair transplantation, you will start to get the final and everlasting results of the hair transplant operation. Your hairs will begin to look thicker, longer, soft and silky. Within a spin of one and a half year, you will get the desired results fully, your front and crown area will be full of hairs. Now you can comb your hairs, shape it and enjoy the new you! (before and after photos)

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