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Beard Transplant

Considering that the number of men who are preferring to have beard transplant are tripling every year, it is time for patchy-bearded men of the world to enjoy beard transplantation in Turkey now.

What is beard transplant?

The beard transplant is a facial hair transplantation procedure where the patient doesn’t have any beard or even if he has, it is rare and thin then facial hair transplantation can be applied. The hair follicles will be taken from the nape area of the head and transferred to recipient area same as hair and mustache transplantation. This is one of the procedures where we catch the most natural appearance and successful results.

Why beard transplant is being done?

Since men only have hair and beard as facial accessory, most men prefer to get beard transplantation to shape their facial hairs as they liked. Some people have thin and rare thin, also some have no beard result of lack of testosterone secretion on puberty period. For men who have these kind of problem we provide beard transplant treatment in order to help them to get more masculine appearance as they request.

Who can have beard transplantation?

For beard transplantation the age limit is minimum 18 and the patient should be over puberty period. The procedure can be done to people who have rare beard or even no beard because of hormonal problems. However it can be done to people who have lost their facial hairs because different incidents.

  • Men with thin and rare beard
  • Men who have no beard
  • Men who already thru puberty period
  • People who have no health issues can have beard transplantation.

How beard transplantation is done?

It is a small and easy aesthetic procedure which is done under local anaesthesia. A beard transplant is a fairly straightforward procedure with minimal operation time. The technique involves removing tiny individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp where the hair is very thick. The grafts are removed from the back of the head which is also called the donor area and then transplanted into the parts of the face that is bald or have less hair density. When the whole operation is completed, the hair in the beard area will begin to grow immediately. The patients will be able to shave just after two weeks of the operation.

How long does surgery procedure take?

The beard transplantation depends on patients hair need and hair follicles the surgery time may vary. The procedure takes approximately between 1 to 5 hours.