Female Hair Transplant 1

In what ways haır transplant dıffers ın women compared to men?

In female hair transplantation it is crucial to transfer hairs from dense areas to balder spaces. Female hair shedding may occur all over the scalp which is very different than male hair shedding, this barrier occasionally prohibits women to have full hair transplantation treatment due to the lack of stable donor areas. Plus, since the balding  process varies in women more than men, the donor areas in women therefore are less than men.

Choosing the hair transplant surgeon is imperative to have a successful result in female hair transplant. Before the actual operation takes place, the candidates are required to be checked on their blood tests to ensure there is no obstacle for female hair transplantation. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the selected method for female hair transplants.

Female hair transplantation is a fragile process that requires speciality and delicate care.
Our team of specialists will quarantee a successful hair transplantation by firstly analyzing and figuring out the reason(s) of hair loss and proposing accordingly the best technique to recover the hair loss.

We primarily have two distinct techniques for Female Hair Transplantation. Initial method is called FUE, (Follicular Unit Extraction).  FUE contains healthy hair follicles transported carefully and attentively to any thinning or bald areas from the back or side of the head to minimize the possibility of scarring. The second method which is less used is called FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). This method will only be used when the FUE method is proven to be inefficient for the patient.

Female Hair Transplant

Women and hair loss: What are the possible causes?

Hair growth can be likened to a garden.  How good the hair grows is entirely a direct consequent of what is going on underground.

Even though hair loss is ostensibly the major problem for men, research shows that women are also faced to hair loss or hair-thinning. In their 50s or 60s, majority of women are showing cases of hair loss due to variable reasons. However, hair loss can show up at any age in women.

Scientifically, 50 to 100 hair shed in a day is regarded as normal in every women. However, this amount of hair loss is not perceptible because new hairs are growing underground the “garden”. Whenever this cycle of hair growth is disrupted by any reason, the hair loss or hair thinning will be noticeable. Likewise, if hair follicle is damaged by an accident, again the hair loss will be inevitable.

Although the real dynamics of a hair loss is not fully grasped, there are some indicators that can be related to it. Stress, heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, medications, environmental pollution, cosmetics etc. are either one by one or pairly can cause hair loss/hair thinning in women.