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Mustache Transplant

What Is Mustache Transplant?

Mustache is one of the factor that change appearance of man. For man one of the most important aesthetic look is their mustache and if they do not have enough mustache it can create psychological problems. After many reasons or deformations some facial hair do not grow on many men face in those cases mustache transplantation treatment can be done.

Mustache transplantation is very similar to hair transplantation, for mustache transplantation too from donation area taken area is being transferred to the needed area same as hair transplantation. After mustache transplantation the most important factor is the transplanted hair to give natural appearance result. For mustache transplantation the hair should be taken from the strongest part such as nape area of the head one by one and after extraction can be transferred to the requested area.

Mustache transplantation can be done to people who have less amount of mustache in order to give more strong and tight mustache appearance. 

Moustache Transplant 2

Who is qualified to do a mustache transplant?

Even though it is a short process for natural appearance and best result it should be done by professional and experienced team. After transplantation for about a week when having food the face should not be moved too much and facial expression should be used minimally. The first days liquid food should be taken.

For men the only accessory is their hair and facial hairs therefore it is one of the operation done by men. This is one of the process that we get more natural and great results. Since it is done under Swedish technique rules we guarantee hair compression. With mustache transplant you can get impeccable facial hair.

How is mustache transplant performed?

For mustache transplant fue technique is always preferred. From the donation area needed amount hair follicles are transferred to the recipient area with fue method and tools. The donation and recipient area after transplantation can be washed easily. After washing the transplanted mustache can be visible and after a week the blushing and sensitiveness because of treatment will be passed.

3-4 weeks after operation some of the transplanted hair might fall of but 4 months to 6 months the fallen hair will grow back because hairs falls but the root stay inside the recipient area. In 2 years the hair follicles get more strong quality.

After mustache transplant the first shaving must be done 9or 10th day and after that the hairs will grow normally and shaving can be done anytime. The mustache transplantation is done under local anaesthesia and after the operation there is no pain or swelling.